Yellowstone National Park

15 Nov 2012

written by MyCityWay


You can go on for pages and not get done with a description that does Yellowstone National Park justice. The only thing that can truly give you a feel of this sprawling abode of nature is a visit to it more than once! No wonder it plays host to about three million people every year. They come trekking all the way to see this oldest National Park in America and are never disappointed. You won’t be either, that’s a promise!

Be welcomed by 60 odd mammalian species like sheep, grey wolves, bears, elks, bison, bighorns, wolverine, lynx, mule moose, pronghorn, white – tailed deer, mountain goats and around 150 bird species.  Reptiles and amphibians are very few but fauna abounds in variety with around 1300 plant species, indigenous and others.

Old Faithful, the age old geyser is the perfect spot to begin your exploration of over half the geothermal features you’re likely to come across on the entire earth’s surface such as the sparkling clear and stunningly blue but sizzling hot (the site of many a mishap so be careful, stay on a boardwalk or trail) Blue Star Spring where you can find bison taking advantage of the steam and heat in the winters, geysers of Fountain Flat Drive, the less trudged White Creek, Octopus Spring true to its name in its tentacle appearance with a rich reddish golden lent by the microbes that thrive here , Grand Prismatic the largest spring in the park, mud pots and steamy fumaroles.

Keep an eye out for geyser eggs, sinter and geyserites. Climb up to Fairy Falls – do not miss the view of Grand Prismatic while you trek through a pine forest. Mammoth is where you can enjoy the warm waters of the Boiling River as they mix with the lower temperatures of Gardner River waters.

The result of huge volcanic eruptions (the biggest ones earth) which recurs every six to nine hundred thousand years, Yellowstone was the first of its kind. It got its name from the regions characteristic yellow stones.

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