What is MyCityWay?
MyCityWay produces self-learning, highly personalized mobile interfaces and apps that guide residents and visitors through their daily experiences in cities across the world. MyCityWay's enterprise platform delivers unique mobile solutions, highly targeted engagement and monetization for major brands and agencies in media, auto, travel & hospitality, events and more.
Today, the company's mobile platform connects millions of consumers with their daily information needs in over 100 cities around the world. Its flagship app, MyCityWay Now, combines the utility of over 30 content and transactional categories into one, providing users with a highly personalized discovery engine and dashboard that unlocks the city around them. By integrating the five dimensions of intelligence - Intent, Location, Timing, User Profile and Social Graph Influence – MyCityWay enables unique segmentation, targeting, predictive analytics and organic engagement for both content and marketing on mobile.
What are MyCityWay's 5-Degrees of Intelligence?
MyCityWay integrates a user's Intent, Location, Timing, User Profile and Social Graph to deliver a real-time, highly personalized and relevant experience for users and monetization opportunities for brands.
How does MyCityWay work with businesses?
MyCityWay works with global and local brands to develop unique, personalized and situationally-aware platforms across multiple connected devices. MyCityWay's mobility platform helps companies of all sizes overcome the resources, cost and technical expertise needed to create and keep current engaging mobile experiences for their customers while also continually innovating. With MyCityWay, brands can create co-branded local search and discovery mobile interfaces and apps or plug in MyCityWay's robust content into their existing apps. Additionally, MyCityWay's suite of mobile marketing tools – including personalization engines, content management systems and predictive analytics – provide a complete end-to-end mobile solution. Read more about MyCityWay's mobile solutions for businesses.
What brands have partnered with MyCityWay?
The MyCityWay platform has powered mobile strategy for major global and local brands, most recently BMW, Macy's, Daily News, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, One Laptop Per Child, Tribeca Film Festival, Calvin Klein, BP, Red Bull, London24.com, Circle Line, The Bodies Exhibit, Columbia University and Fisherman's Wharf amongst others.
What devices can MyCityWay's technology be integrated into?
MyCityWay has expanded its platform to deliver personalized, situation-aware experiences on various connected devices including car units, connected TV/home, airplane seatbacks, information kiosks and more. The company is shaping the future of connectivity and location-based services, creating a world where the universe of devices understands who a user is at all times and devices speak to each other to deliver a truly personalized experience to consumers and an opportunity for brands to be highly engaged with their audience.
How is BMW involved?
MyCityWay benefits from a strategic investment and long-term partnership with BMW Group's BMWi Ventures. The firm provides early- and mid-stage investments to companies it has identified as high-potential service providers. MyCityWay was selected as a partner for its innovation in the area of Mobility Services.
How can advertisers leverage MyCityWay?
By using MyCityWay's robust local search platform, advertisers have the opportunity to engage with consumers based on a combination of their interests and situational factors such as location, intent (i.e. what they're looking for next), social graph and learned behaviors, among many other factors. By having a better understanding of the consumer, advertising is more relevant, making the interaction highly personal and effective.
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