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Welcome to the next generation of local search and urban discovery. MyCityWay enlists the most innovative technology to significantly enhance your everyday experiences.

Enjoy instant access to everything that's happening around you in real-time, with just the tap of a tile. Our apps learn from you, delivering personalized contextually-relevant information around-the-clock based on your location, social graph, profile, intent and time of day. Whether at home or in your travels, MyCityWay helps you navigate cities better, faster and smarter.


A one-of-a-kind personalized dashboard
presents a 24/7 window into what's
happening now in the city. It's a real-time
snapshot those elements you've deemed
essential to your day; see it all as it happens.

City Guide

Tap into the City Guide to instantly explore all
the fun around you - from nearby restaurants,
shops and nightlife to spas, WiFi hotspots,
bathrooms, ATMs and so much more.

Personalize it.

Sign up to customize your dashboard, receive notifications,
identify favorite perks, gain early access to new channels
and share with friends. By creating an account you really
enable MCW's technology to work its magic - learning,
anticipating andtweaking results according to your daily
routine and preferences.

MyCityWay Learns
With You.

The app is always there for you, working nonstop behind the scenes
to deliver the right information at the right time. By taking note of
your activities and routines, our technology constantly resets itself
to become more fluent in the language of you.

Categorically Speaking...


Oh, the weather outside is...
Receive today's forecast in Weather human speak, presented as Traffic Cameras City Calendar prefer (daily, weekly, even hourly)


Delivering the most up-to-date transit information straight to your fingertips, in the areas you've determined most important.


Live feeds of traffic cameras throughout the city help you to lan the best route, every day.


Who doesn't like a good deal?
Enjoy a little something special just for you, compliments of our favorite partners. They change constantly based on the day and your location, so check back often.

city calendar

Something's happening in your city everywhere, all the time. Find out what's going on.


Use your little smartphone screen to find out what's on the Movies big screen. Playing Now Live in App: Theaters, Show Times, Purchase Tickets.

gas Prices

Runnin' on empty? Find the Gas nearest gas station with the cheapest prices.

MCW channel

Behold, this city of life. There's MCW so much going on, so we've streamlined the conversation for you. Come check out what's up.


Highlights from the week that is; all the don't-miss shows, concerts, festivals, games and more.