Make MyCityWay,
Your Way
Create & Distribute in 1 Hour
Engage with your consumers in a highly personal way, every day. Combine your branding and content with MyCityWay’s robust local search and discovery technology to create a mobile platform that drives usage and revenue based on relevance and insights MyCityWay’s co-branded apps and interfaces will give your customers access to 30+ categories of real-time local content, blanketed with your brand and messaging. The interface integrates custom channels that incorporate your information – events, social media feeds, offers, news, transactions and more. Through our self-serve Web portal, business leaders without any technical know-how can create their own app, make it available immediately and update content in real-time, any time.
Plug-in Components for Existing Apps
Give your customers hundreds of reasons to use your existing app(s) daily by plugging in MyCityWay's comprehensive real-time local search and discovery content. MyCityWay's Plug-In platform provides content pre-packaged, beautifully designed and ready to drive frequent app engagement. The Plug-in platform is available through mobile Web (HTML5) or an SDK.
Connected Devices & Multi-Platform Programs
MyCityWay's Intelligent, Extendable, Mobile PaaS (Platform as a Service)
Are you seeking to create a new interactive experience for your customers? MyCityWay’s creative, technology, marketing and business teams will partner with your organization to develop a new mobile marketing solution based on your brand’s objectives and help you become a market mover. As a flexible mobile authoring system, MyCityWay provides for unlimited form factors, target markets and use cases, including:
  • Telematics / In-Car
  • Appliances
  • iTV
  • Kiosks / Outdoor
  • Web, Mobile Web and Mobile
  • All Connected Devices
Situation-Aware Mobile Advertising
MyCityWay can target the exact street corner on which a consumer is standing and precisely what they're looking for at a given time on MyCityWay. Imagine the impact of delivering a personalized branding message the moment they select "Shop"… or they click on "Places to Go" and you invite them to your event happening nearby. Our platform connects your brand to our community of urban consumers when it's most relevant - resulting in extremely personal and highly effective interactions for you the brand and the consumer.